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elaine is stocking a new box that is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches high. Make a recommendation to elaine regarding a price for this box size. remember that her box supplier charges her 1/2 cent per square inch of surface area for each box explain your answer?

I'm only in the 6th grade I don't understand this.

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    The box has 6 faces
    top and bottom at 24x12
    two ends at 12x10
    two sides at 24x10

    The total area of cardboard needed then is

    2*24*12 + 2*12*10 + 2*24*10 = 1296 in^2
    Elaine has to pay 1/2 cent per in^2, or $6.48

    SO, you need to suggest a price at least that high, so she can make some profit when she sells the box. That would depend on how much her expenses are just for running the store, and how much of her inventory consists of these boxes.

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