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Please help me factor this, I just can't get it to work.

-12x^2 - 35x - 18


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    If you factor by the guess method..

    First remove the negative sign. Factor out a negative 1.

    -1(12 x^2 + 35x +18)

    Now, work with the 12x^2 + 35x+18

    Think of multiplying binomials

    (12x + ?)(x + ?)
    (3x + ?)(4x+ ?)
    (2x + ?)(6x + ?)

    What can the ? be...

    18, 1
    9, 2
    3, 6
    You have to try all of these possibilites. Check by multiplying binomials. The hint is that you are trying to get 35x for the middle term.
    Once you get your factors, don't forget to put the -1 out in front.

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