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What is the expected mass of anhydrous salt formed after the waters of hydration of CoCl2·6H2O are driven off completely by heating, resulting in a mass loss of 2.000 g water?

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    What is the colour of lead

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    CoCl2·6H2O ----> CoCl2(s) + 6H20(g)

    ****H2O is lost as a gas.

    2g of H20*(1 mole/18 g of H2O)=moles of H20

    moles of H2O*(1 mole of CoCl2/6 moles of H20)= moles of CoCl2

    moles of CoCl2*(129.89g/1 mole)= mass of CoCl2

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    Bluish-white color

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