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Given VLP with concentration 200ug/mL, dilute to 3ug/100ul.

Please help me with this; many thanks

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    Add 6.67 x 10^1 mL of solvent to 1mL of stock.

    Converting everything to ug/mL, 200/3 =6.67 x 10^5 uL or 6.67 x 10^1 mL

    200ug/(6.67 x 10^5 mL +1 mL)= 2.96ug/mL

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    Add 6.67 x 10^1 mL of solvent to 1mL of stock.

    Converting everything to ug/mL, 200/3 =6.67 x 10^1 mL

    200ug/(6.67 x 10^1 mL +1 mL)= 2.96ug/mL

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    Did it again,

    Add 5.67mL of solvent to 1mL of stock to get a total volume of 6.67mL.

    Converting everything to ug/mL, 200/30 =6.67mL

    200ug/(5.67mL +1 mL)= 29.9ug/mL

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    This is a confusing problem.
    Here is another approach.
    We have a soln that is 200 ug/mL.
    We want 3 ug/100 uL. That is
    0.003 ug/uL = 3 ug/mL
    Say we want to make 100 mL of this solution, then 3 ug/mL x 100 mL = 300 ug we need.
    200 ug/mL x ?mL =300 ug
    ?mL = 300/200 = 1.5 mL;
    Therefore 1.5 mL of the 200 ug/mL solution and dilute that to 100 mL to make 300 ug/100 mL (which is 3 ug/mL). I think this is easier than measuring 5.67 mL of anything, expecially since we could use a 100 mL volumetric flask.

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    That is way easier, but I thought this may just be a homework problem and not a lab/research problem. So, I thought this would suffice. But, if you have to keep doing this dilution using 1.5mL compared to 1 mL of solution can get expensive, especially when research funds get tight or your PI has a bird mentality like mines did; cheap, cheap, cheap.

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    And I think one of us messed up. Either it should be 3ug/mL or 30ug/mL. When I punch in your numbers I get 15mL not 1.5mL.

    My work:

    3ug/100uL=3 x 10^-2 ug/uL

    3 x 10^-2 ug/uL*(1uL/10^-3mL)= 3 x10^1 ug/mL=30ug/mL.

    I could be wrong though.

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    thanks Devron and DrBo222

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