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Word box: alias amble burly distort dogged dumbfounded extinct fossil grit inevitable ingrained meteoric parody prevail rend replenish rummage skimp sleuth vandalism

1.There is an old saying that nothing is really ____ except death and taxes

6.If you truly want to improve your math grades you should not continue to ___ so often on your homework

14.In the late 18th century Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created one of the most famous _____ in literature Sherlock Holmes

17. Isn't it a shame that our School board must spend thousands of dollars every year just to repair damage caused by ____

18.Her face was so _____ with pain and suffering that at first I did not recognize her

20.Isnt it fun on a rainy day to ___ about in the attic and look for interesting odds and ends

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    14 is wrong. The others are correct.

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