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Your family decides to visit your grandparents that live in ohio. You drive at an average rate of 55 mph when driving in Indiana and 65 mph when driving in Ohio. The entire trip of 295 miles takes 5 hours. How long does it take to reach the Indiana-Ohio border?

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    How many miles did you drive before you reached the border?

    From which direction did you come?

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    It starts in Indiana. It doesn't say if it is north, south, east, or west. Indiana is west of Ohio, though.

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    If it helps, we are working with linear combinations (elimination) and substitution. We are supposed to use whatever method works best.

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    Is this just an odd question? I've been able to solve every problem except for this one.

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    It doesn't make any sense to me.

    You know takes to drive 5 hours to go 295 miles. But the problem gives no indication where that 295 miles is.

    Please ask your teacher about this one.

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    Alright. Thank you! :)

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