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Na2CO3 + NiCl2 ¨ NiCO3 + 2NaCl
Using the solubility rules determine the solubility of all reactants and products. Explain your answer.

I answered Na2 as soluble, Co3 as soluble, NiCl2 as soluble ---->NiCO3 as insoluble, and 2NaCl as soluble. My explanation for the solubles is that it dissolves in a particular liquid. The insoluble compound will not dissolve in a liquid.

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    I think you have misunderstood the question somewhat. It isn't the ION that is insoluble; it is the compound. Using the solubility rules I posted for you, Na2CO3 is soluble, NiCl2 is soluble, NiCO3 is insoluble and NaCl is soluble.

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