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ty sooooo much
another question (sorry about all these just trying to get this done and learn it before tom.)

Jennie calculated the probabilities of various events involving a coin. What is the probability of a coin landing on heads at least twice when the coin is flipped three times
a. 1/8
b. 1/6
c. 1/4
d. 1/2
*i think it is d and if it is i need work for it* *no matter what i need work*

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    anyways, This is a pretty easy question to answer. The three possible (winning) outcomes are:

    1. Heads, Heads, Tails.
    2. Heads, Tails, Heads.
    3. Tails, Heads, Heads.

    If we look at the possible combination of other (losing) outcomes, we can easily determine the probability:

    4. Heads, Heads, Heads.
    5. Tails, Tails, Heads.
    6. Tails, Heads, Tails.
    7. Heads, Tails, Tails.
    8. Tails, Tails, Tails.

    This means that to throw heads twice in 3 flips, we have a 3 in 8 chance. This is because there are 3 winning possibilities out of a total of 8 winning and losing possibilities.

    Good luck

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    Yes, it is D.

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    ok but that is not one of the answers and it can't be reduced

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    k ty i have 4 more *so sorry*
    Carson wanted to make a cylindrical pillow for his mother's b-day the pillow was to be 15 inches long with a diameter of 6 inches and would be filled with stuffing.
    determine how many cubic inches of stuffing carson will need to make the pillow
    Before he started making the pillow Carson decided he wanted to make it bigger.
    Compare the amount of stuffing needed when he doubles the length to the amount of stuffing needed when he doubles the diameter. Show work ot provide an explanation to support your comparison.

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