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please help with geometry - dilation

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When a square of area 4 is dilated by a scale factor of k, we obtain a square of area 9. Find the sum of all possible values of k.

I do not is not 3/2, as I was told, but I don't understand why? Help?

  • please help with geometry - dilation -

    A square with an area of 4 has to have all sides equal to 2. Right?

    If I increase by a factor of k that means multiply 2 times k

    My area is 2k times 2k = 4k^2

    I would set this equal to 9

    I am getting 3/2 for the value of k

    -3/2 is another possibility, but we have to discount it because we don't measure distance as negative numbers.

    I agree with your 3/2, but I wonder if someone else summed -3/2 and 3/2 = 0

  • please help with geometry - dilation -

    thanks a lot i appreciate your time

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