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Rank these to highest pH to lowest pH:
NH3, KOH, Ca(OH)2, HBr, HBrO

I put these in the same order for highest pH to lowest but still get it wrong.

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    KOH, Ca(OH)2 are strong bases, not sure about which one is the strongest, but I believe that it is KOH.

    NH3 is a weak base

    HBr and HBrO are strong acids. I believe that HBrO is the strongest acid, but I am not sure.

    Increase in pH: KOH>Ca(OH)2>NH3>HBr>HBrO

    Not sure though.


    The answer you put is wrong.

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    HBrO is a weak acid, Ka = 2E-9
    I would rank them the same but reverse the HBr/HBrO


    So it would be KOH>Ca(OH)2>NH3>HBrO>HBr?

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    It could be this, but like I told you I am not sure

    Increase in pH: KOH>Ca(OH)2>NH3>HBrO >HBr

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    He got it before I did.

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    It said it is still wrong. It said Which of the two strong bases will produce more OH ions per formula unit?

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    I do not think that you are telling us the everything, but lets say that you have equal moles of KOH and Ca(OH)2. Then Ca(OH)2 will produce more OH's because there are 2 OHs per mole in Ca(OH)2 compared to 1 OH per mole in KOH.

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    I would rank KOH stronger than Ca(OH)2 as a base;however, equimolar concns of each and the KOH is weaker than Ca(OH)2. But the problem doesn't say equimolar; in fact there is no concn given. In fact, we could make up solutions of HBr that are weaker acids than HBrO; again, the problem doesn't stipulate a concn so we must go with a "generic" which is stronger/weaker.

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