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Chem Will somebody Please help me

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The Lab experiment we did today was to analyze an antacid tablets to determine the actual content of NaHCO3.
Suppose I dropped the tablets into the beaker and some of the reaction mixture splashed out. Would my final calculated mass of sodium bicarbonate in the tablet be artificially high or artificially low as a result of the splashing? How would this affect my measurements? Why would that be?

  • Chem Will somebody Please help me -

    There isn't enough information posted to know how you conducted the experiment.

  • Chem DrBob222 -

    I think this may be a titration experiment.

    If you lose volume wouldn't the concentration that you calculate be higher?


    I left an answer in one of his earlier post, but I am not sure.

  • Chem Will somebody Please help me -

    Yes, most are titration erxperiment but in some cases the tablet is titrated directly; in others the tablet is dropped into a set volume of acid, then the excess acid is back titrated with standard base so that the amount of acid used is the difference between the initial amount and the amount back titrated. Since I don't know which of these is true (or some other), I don't want to waste my time trying to go over the different possibilities.

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