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Name the ester obtained when the alcohol is reacted with 2-ethylpentanoic acid?
1. 2 -propanol
2. 2-butanol
3, phenol

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    1.) 4-methylbutyl 3-ethylpentanoate
    2.) 2-methylethyl 3-ethylpentanoate
    3.) Phenol 3-ethylpentanoate

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    Replace the 3's with 2's. Did it again.

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    1.) 2-methylethyl 2-ethylpentanoate
    2.) 3-methylpropyl 2-ethylpentanoate
    3.) Phenol 3-ethylpentanoate

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    3.) Phenol 2-ethylpentanoate

    Sorry about that one.

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    Ok I understand how your getting the parent compound. I'm not understanding where for example question 1, the '2-methylbutyl'. That's where I keep getting messed up.

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    Your going to count the number of carbons from the end furthest away from the ester. So, lets take 2 propanol for example:
    O-and everything else

    Hope that makes since. Spacing is a problem on this forum.

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    O-and everything else

    should be connected to the CH

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    Oh ok thank you. Sorry, I'm really dumb when it comes to this stuff

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