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What is the significance of Dorothea Dix?

My answer: She changed mental institutions, inspecting them for mistreatment.

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    You should add at least one more sentence.

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    Dorothea Dix is significant because she change mental institutions by writing a report about her research based on her inspections of mistreatment?

    I know there's not a second sentence, but will this do?

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    She didn't just write a report. Incorporate the information in the first paragraph in the link above.

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    Dorothea Dix is significant because she changed metal institutions through a vigorous program of lobbying state legislatures and the United States Congress?

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    Is this adequate?

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    Please re-read the article Ms. Sue provided. There were NO mental hospitals, this is key.

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    Oh, alright. Then would it be: Dorothea Dix is significant because she, on behalf of the indigent insane, created the first generation of mental institutions?

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