Principles of Management

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Riya, a manager, calls a meeting of her subordinates to tell them about the new benefits package.Riya is performing the _______role.
A. Disseminator
B. Monitor
C. Spokeperson
D. Negotiator
My answer: A

2nd question:
Namibia has a law that prohibits foreign companies from owership of firms within the country. In order to have a presence in that country a company may engage in a _____with an existing company in Namibia.

A. countertrade
B. strategic alliance
C. joint venture
D. greenfield venture
My answer: C

3rd question:
When an organization plans effectively, it plans in three phases. Starting with the one that should come first, what is the correct order of these phases?

A. Operational , tactical, strategic
B. Tactical,operational,strategic
C. Tactical strategic,operational
D. Strategic, tactical,operational
My answer: D

Last question:
Maslow's levels of needs, in order from basic to highest level,are

A. physiological, safety, esteem, belongingness, and self-actualization

B. Physiological,safety,belongingness, esteem and self-actualization.

C. Self-actualization,esteem,belongingness,safety,and physiological.

D. Self-actualization, belongingness,esteem, safety, and physiological
My answer B
Thanks, again :0)

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    I agree.

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    Marie is deciding how much funding each of the departments she managers will receive next year. She is operating in the ___________ role.

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