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You and a friend are going to a river, where they have a rope swing. Your friend, who has a mass of 60 kg, hops on the end of the rope. You tug horizontally on your friend with a force of 300 N, pulling them back until you can't move them any more. Then you let go and watch them swing out over the river. When the rope swing is at it's farthest point your friend lets go, eventually splashing into the river. If the rope is 30 m long, what total distance in m did your friend travel from her starting point to where she let go?

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  • physics -

    This problem has been posted on Brilliant as a current problem in this weeks' Geometry problem set.

    I am unable to post an image or internet link to it.

    Please refrain from telling the OP the answer.

    I ask that moderators take this posting down.

    - Calvin Lin
    Brilliant Challenge Master

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