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1.) A 10,000 kg railroad car traveling at a speed of 24.0 m/s strikes an identical car at rest. If the cars lock together as a result of the collision, what is their common speed afterward?

2.) A 3.0 kg ball at 3 m/s and strikes a 1.5 kg ball moving at -2 m/s. After the collision, the 1.5 kg ball moves to the right at 2 m/s. What is the final velocity of 3.0 kg ball?

3.) A 85 kg running back is moving at +12 m/s and strikes a 125 kg linebacker moving at -8.0 m/s. What is the final velocity if they stick together?

Formula: m1vi+m2vi=m1vf+m2vf

:) help me please!!!


    if the collision between the baseball and the bat lasted 1.00ms(milliseconds).what force did the bat exert on the baseball

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