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Two particles each have a mass of 5.5 10-3 kg. One has a charge of +4.8 10-6 C, and the other has a charge of -4.8 10-6 C. They are initially held at rest at a distance of 0.88 m apart. Both are then released and accelerate toward each other. How fast is each particle moving when the separation between them is one-third its initial value?

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    k =9•10⁹ N•m²/C²,
    q=4.8•10⁻⁶ C
    m=5.5•10⁻³ kg
    r=0.88 m

    -kq²/r +3kq²/r =2mv²/2
    2kq²/r =2mv²/2
    kq²/r =mv²/2
    v=sqrt( kq²/rm) =
    =sqrt{9•10⁹•(4.8•10⁻⁶)²/0.88•5.5•10⁻³} =
    =6.55 m/s

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