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While rummaging in his great aunt's attic, Bernard found a small figurine that he believed to be made out of silver. To test his guess, he looked up the denisty of silver in his chemistry book and found it to be 10.5 g/cm^3. He found that the figure had a mass of 149 g. To determine its volume, he dropped it into a cylindrical glass of water. If the diameter of the glass was 6 cm and the figurine was pure silve, by how much did the water level in the glass rise?

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    V = (149g/10.5g) * 1cm^2 = 14.2 cm^3. =
    Vol. of the figure.

    V = pi*r^2 * h = 14.2 cm^3.
    3.14*3^2 * h = 14.2.
    h = 0.50 cm.

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