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calculate the momentum of an object if:
a. its mass is 4kg and its velocity is 8m/s
b. its mass is 500g and its velocity is 3m/s
c. a force of 20N is applied to it for 6s and it moves from rest
D. its mass is 2kg and it falls from rest for 10s
(assume g = 10ms-2 or 10Nkg-1)

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    a. Momentum = m*V = 4 * 8 = 32.

    b.0.5kg * 3m/s = 1.5.
    c. m*g = 20N.
    m*10 = 20
    m = 2 kg.
    a = F/m = 20/2 = 10 m/s^2.
    V = Vo + a*t = 0 + 10*6 = 60 m/s.
    Momentum = m*V = 2 * 60 = 120.

    D. V = Vo + g*t = 0 + 10*10 = 100 m/s.
    Momentum = m*V = 2 * 100 = 200

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