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Is this the correct word for each sentence

1-2. Lynn begged the bank to __ the overdraft charge of thirty dollars, telling them that it would entirely __ her savings.

3-4. In high school, Julio was voted "Most Likely to Become a Psychologist." It was the __ of his classmates that he was the student endowed with the most __ for other people.

5-6. My mother could have stayed in her comfortable __ as part of the secretarial pool, but she was averse to remainingthere. She wanted to __ the limiteds of that job and become an executive herself.

7-8. "On this, our hundredth anniversary celebration," said the company president, "I'd like to __our founder with a toast. He ran the company from top to bottom, doing even such __ jobs as emptying garbage cans. He truly exemplified the values of dedication and hard work."

9-10. Dr. Robert and Dr. Krill practice medicine very differently. Dr. Roberts is __about reading journals and learning new techniques. Conversely, Dr. Krill is more __ and never tries anything new.

1. waive
2. deplete
3. consensus
4. complacent
5. niche
6. empathy
7. commemorate
8. manial
9. transcend
10. diligent

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    4, 6, 9, 10 are wrong

    8. menial

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    Is the correct answers

    4. empathy
    6. complacent
    9. diligent
    10. transcend

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    6 and 10 are still wrong.

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    ok thanks

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    6. Transcend
    10. Complacent

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