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Spain's Empire Assignment

Why did absolute monarchs believe that they were justified in exercising absolute power?
Absolute monarchs believed in divine right, the idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God’s representative on earth.
How did Jean Baptiste Colbert intend to stimulate economic growth in France?
To prevent wealth from leaving the country, Colbert tried to make France self-sufficient. He wanted it to be able to manufacture everything it needed instead of relying on imports. To expand manufacturing, Colbert gave government funds and tax benefits to French companies. To protect France’s industries, he placed a high tariff on goods from other countries. Colbert also recognized the importance of colonies, which provided raw materials and a market for manufactured goods.

What steps did the Austrian Hapsburgs take toward becoming absolute monarchs?
First, during the Thirty Years’ War, they reconquered Bohemia. The Hapsburgs wiped out Protestantism there and created a new Czech nobility that pledged loyalty to them. Second, after the war, the Hapsburg ruler centralized the government and created a standing army. Third, by 1699, the Hapsburgs had retaken Hungary from the
Ottoman Empire. In 1711, Charles VI became the Hapsburg ruler. Charles’s empire was a difficult

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  • World history; Check:P -

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  • World history; Check:P -

    How did Jean Baptiste Colbert intend to stimulate economic growth in France

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