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1. the energy for the wateer cycle come from the sun

2. the temperature at which water vapor condenses to liquid form is called
dew point

3. clouds that cover a large area

4. what kind of weather would an anitcyclone likely bring
not-- cool and wet

5. what kind of water does a stationary front bring
not-- severe storms

6. which describesboth cyclones and anticyclones
not-- both produce wet, stormy weather

7. area of low pressure where air masses meet and rise

8. area in which two types of air masses meet

9. what kind of front produces large amounts of rain and snow
not-- cold

10. what is an example of the technology used to follow fronts

4. A) stormy
B) cool and wet (i already got this wrong ((b))
C) dry and clear
D) changeable

5. A) drizzly rain followed by clear weather
B) severe storms (i already got this wrong ((b))
C) many days of cloudy wet weather
D) cold dry wweather

6. A) both produce wet stormy weather (i already got this wrong ((a))
B) both are measured by changes in air pressure
C) both move air un an upward direction
D) both occur at the same time in the same location

9. A) cold (i already got this wrong ((a))
B) stationary
C) warm
D) occluded

I need help on 4,5,6,9 thanks in advance-- gonegirl

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