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Math problem

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-A clock is divided equally into 60 units. Each unit forms an angle of 6^0.The hour hand moves 1 of these units for every 12 units that the minute hand moves. it move 2 of these units for every 24 units for the minute hand,ete.At 6 o'clock the hour hand and the minute hand are 30 units apart or 6x30=180^0. At 6:36 what angle would the two hand form?

* Two cars 100 miles apart are traveling toward each other at constant speeds of 50m.p.h. and 40m.p.h. In one hour(60 minutes), their positions will be 10 miles apart. They will then pass each other, going in opposite directions and come to positions again that are 10 miles apart. How many minutes and seconds wiil it take to go from their first positions of 10 miles apart to their second positions of 10 miles apart?

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