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Medieval Society Assignment

What were three main causes of the need to reform the Church?
The three main causes were:
• Many village priests married and had families. Such marriages were
against Church rulings.
• Bishops sold positions in the Church, a practice called simony.
• Using the practice of lay investiture, kings appointed church bishops.Church reformers believed the Church alone should appoint bishops

How were Muslims linked to the revival of learning in Europe?
Europe had more learning opportunities. Europeans had a new body of knowledge. It included science, philosophy, law, mathematics, and many other fields.

3.Why did Philip II call the Estates-General together?
Philip called the Estates-General together to help increase the royal power against the nobility, and later on the Estates-General would play a key row in overthrowing the French during the French Revolution.

What was the Great Schism?
The Great Schism was when their was two popes, and the church began to split in a division known as the Great Schism. Soon after there were three popes. In 1417 the Council chose a new pope. Which ended The Great Schism.

  • World history; Check:P -

    1. -- Be sure to include indulgences.

    2. No. Where did Europe's new learning come from?

    3. Nope.

  • World history; Check:P -

    2. During the Crusades, European contact with Muslims and Byzantines greatly
    expanded. This contact brought a new interest in learning, especially in the works of
    Greek philosophers. The Muslim and Byzantine libraries housed copies of these writings. win wider support against the pope

  • World history; Check:P -

    2. Have you answered this question?

    3. Nope. Please read the article about the Great Schism.

  • World history; Check:P -

    I still need help with 2 and 3.
    SOrry. I read it but still don't understand.

  • World history; Check:P -

    Read this site carefully.

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