math 4th grade

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Find the missing number

2/5 = /20

could you explain the steps I take to find the answer

  • math 4th grade -

    you need to divide 5 by 20.
    Then with the number that you get you multiply 2 (the numerator).

    That is your answer.

    The reason that you take those steps is because whatever you do to the denominator you have to do to the numerator.

  • math 4th grade -

    5*4 = 20 which is your denominator. Then, you take the numerator(2) and multiply that by four because whatever you do to the bottom, you do to the top. 2*4= 8. The answer is 8/20 which simplifies to 2/5.

  • math 4th grade -

    5 and 20 are dinominators

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