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College Physics 2

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A parallel-plate air capacitor is made from two plates 0.250 m square, spaced 0.70 cm apart. It is connected to a 140 V battery.

a) What is the capacitance?
C = 7.90×10−11 F
b) What is the charge on each plate?
Enter your answer as an absolute value of charge.
Q = 1.11×10−8 C
c) What is the electric field between the plates?
E = 2.00×104 V/m
d)What is the energy stored in the capacitor?
U = 7.74×10−7 J
e) If the battery is disconnected and then the plates are pulled apart to a separation of 1.40 cm , what are the answers to parts A, B, C, and D?
Enter your answer as four numbers corresponding to C, Q, E, U. Please enter the answer in the given order and in the same units as in parts A, B, C, and D.

*I got the answers right for parts a-d, pleas help with part e!!!!

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