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2. The Rathburn Manufacturing Company makes electric wiring, which it sells to contractors in the construction industry. Approximately 900 electric contractors purchase wire from Rathburn annually. Rathburn's director of marketing wants to determine electric contractors' satisfaction with Rathburn's wire. He developed a questionnaire that yields a satisfaction score between 10 and 50 for participant responses. A random sample of 35 of the 900 contractors is asked to complete a satisfaction survey. The satisfaction scores for the 35 participants are averaged to produce a mean satisfaction score.
a) What is the population for this study?
b) What is the sample for this study?
c) What is the statistic for this study?
d) What would be a parameter for this study?

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    900 is the population because that is your total pool. The 35 who receive the survey are the sample. See the key words "random sample"

    the statistic is the value you get from the results of the survey which is the mean of the satisfaction score.

    We don't really have a parameter.. That would be the mean satisfaction score for all 900. However, we could certainly use our statistic to predict a possible parameter.

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