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if thermometer is miscalibrated to read 1.0 degree celsius higher than actual temperature over its entire scale how will it affect molar mass of solute?

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    If you are talking about the freezing point method there will be no effect. WHY? Because the reading of the normal freezing point is 1 degree too high and the reading for the freezing point of the solution containing the solute is alo 1 degree too high; however, the DIFFERENCE reads as it should.
    normal freezing point = 5.0
    freezing point soln = 4.5
    Difference = 5.0-4.5 = 0.5

    Now suppose the thermometer reads too high by 3 degrees.
    Normal freezing point = 8.0
    freezing oint soln = 7.5
    Difference = 8.0-7.5 = 0.5

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