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I need to create a communication model in my speech class. My characters are Scout and Jem (TKAM) I need to write a communication model script. It should have these words in them: Context, message, feedback, channel, Encode, Decode, receiver, sender, paralanguage, interference, proxemics, and a nonverbal symbol). I know all of these words, but I don't know how to make my scene. I need dialogues.
Please Help. I Really need to finish this!! Please HElp!!!

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    Helppp pleaseeeee

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    I don't understand. Are Scout and Jem supposed to use those words?

    Please try to explain about a communication model and exactly what you are supposed to do.

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    Ex: If Jem is talking to Scout but Scout is daydreaming then that would be an interference.

    This is what I wrote But I need to add some quotes and make it longer and this script that I wrote doesn't make sense. I will read this script and explain how I did my poster. Please Help.

    Scout: I am the sender when I speak I use a channel. The channel is my voice. I encode my message to Jem. I will put my word in a sentence so that Jem will understand. In this case message being sent is “ Lets roll in the tire”.

    Jem: I then decode the message because I am the receiver. Since I can hear Scout I decode my message through a feedback and I’ll say: “You know I am too big”. If I was using paralanguage instead I would say “ YOU KNOW I AM TOO BIG!”

    Scout: I then receive Jem’s feedback and decode it by telling him: “ You can push.” There is no interference to interrupt our communication but if there was it could've been a car passing by or a plane flying over hap.

    Jem: I will use a nonverbal symbol to push the tire. Since Scout is rolling in the tire and I am pushing it we must be really close to each other so our proxemics is about 2 to 3 feet away.

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    That looks like a great start.

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    But it should be longer at least 2 min. Is there a ways I can add something else. Like quotes.

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    Yes -- some quotes is a good idea.

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