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Boolean Algebra

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I need help starting this, I don't want a plain answer just a what to do.


My best guess is to use the distributive

(a+b)(a+c)= a(b+c). But now that there is a 4th variable what do I do?

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    use it twice

    = bc'(ab'+cd') + a'd(ab'+cd')
    = abb'c' + bcc'd' + aa'b'd + a'cdd'

    Now, since xx' = 0, the result is 0

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    OOK, thank you, I see how you did that step. that makes perfect sense.

    so simplified you get


  • Boolean Algebra -

    no, the result is 0, since

    abb'c = a(bb')c = a0c = 0

    each term is 0

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