Movement and Music

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Can you please check my semester exam before I turn it in?
1. Children who do poorly in school are primarily ______ learners.
a. Auditory
b. Kinesthetic
c. Spatial
d. visual

My answer: c

2. A movement program that emphasized divergent problem solving, discovery, and self-expression to foster creativity utilizes the _______ teaching method.
a. command instruction
b. direct instruction
c. exploration
d. guided discovery

My answer: D.

3. The best time of day for toddlers to participate in a movement session is:
a. morning
b. noon
c. afternoon
d. evening

4. Most toddlersare in the stage of solitary play. The next stage of play to which toddlers progress is _____ play.
a. associative
b. cooperative
c. parallel
d. serial

My answer: C.

5._______ should continue to be stressed in a movement program for early elementary children.
a. cooperation
b. competition
c. product
d. ability

My answer: A.

6. Locomotor skills are developmentally progressive. A child's first effective form of locomotion is:
a. creeping
b. walking
c. sliding
d. crawling

My answer: D.

7. Which one of the following nonlocomotor skills is commonly regarded as an exercise?
a. bending
b. shaking
c. stretching
d. turning

My answer: C.

8. What factor must be present in all instances if a movement program's lesson plans are to be truly successful?
a. Elements of Flow
b. Themes
c. Observational cues
d. Developmental progression

My answer: D.

9. A lesson plan consisting of ________ themes might focus on body-part identification, one element of movement, one locomotor skill, and one non-locomotor skill.
a. classroom
b. unit
c. weekly
d. multiple movement

My answer: B.

10. Playing with bare feet strengthens feet muscles and improves body:
a. alignment
b. posture
c. shape
d. structure

My answer: A.

  • Movement and Music -

    6. Hinges on the word "Effective" so yeah.

    10. Its a tossup for A or B but A is more inclusive.

    The rest seem good.

  • Movement and Music -

    which of the following best describes the realation between movement and music a movement and music are parteners because they enhance each other and provide enjoyment

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