science. neep help ASAP

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PLEASS help ASAP. I FORGOT MY FOLDER iN MY LOCKER AND I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT These are. If u can give me the annswer to this one question then i can do all the other ones.

DIRECTIONS: in the exercise that follow, arrange the items listed into different groups. Give each group a title indicating what the members of that group have in common.

German sheperd, great dane, parrot, irish setter, canary, husky, robin, pigeon.

If u can give me all the possible options for groups possible so i have options for the rest of the questions.


  • science. neep help ASAP -

    Those are all either birds or dogs.

  • science. neep help ASAP -

    Ik but she put lots of lines for the title so im guessing it has to be more than one word. I think she was refurring to like family or species or order or genus i really don't know

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