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1. Frida Kahlo was an artist from this country. (1 point)
United States
2. This important event happened while Frida Kahlo was growing up. (1 point)
Spanish American War
Mexican Revolution
French Revolution
World War II
3. Frida Kahlo was married to this artist. (1 point)
Pablo Picasso
Paul Gauguin
Diego Rivera
Jackson Pollock
4. Kahlo used these elements of Mexican culture in her paintings. (1 point)
pale colors
geometric designs
dramatic symbolism and bright colors
abstract designs

My answer:

1. Germany
2. Mexican Revolution
3.Diego Rivera
4.dramatic symbolism and bright colors

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    #1 is incorrect.

    The others are correct.

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    I meant to say for # 1 Mexico is it right now?

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    how to make minni mouse

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