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What is the activity coefficient of H^+ in a solution containing 0.073 M HCl and 0.0090 M Ca(ClO4)2?

What is the pH of the solution?

I believe I have to find the ionic strength of the solution first, but I don't know how to find it when 2 solutions are involved.

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    mu = 1/2[(A)Za^2 + (B)Zb^2 + (C)(Zc^2)....

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    HCl------H+ + Cl-
    0.073 0.073 0.073 M
    Ca(ClO4)2 --Ca+2 + 2ClO4-
    0.009 0.009 2*0.009 =0.018M

    µ= ½{[H+].(+1)2 + [Cl-].(-1)2 + [Ca+2].(+2)2 + [2ClO4-].(-1)2}
    µ= ½{[0.073].(+1)2 + [0.073].(-1)2 + [0.009].(+2)2 + [0.018].(-1)2}=0.146+ (0.036+0.52)=.146+0.556=1/2(0.702 )
    µ= 0.351 M

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