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3.We often come across the terminology like 6b-bit processor, 64-bit operating system and 64-bit system bus. Do you understand those terminologies? What exactly those numbers represent? Please find out the exact meaning of three terminologies above (give example for each of them) and you should be able to explain it in class when you are asking to do so. Write a report containing information that you get from the related source (make it simple and easy to understand)

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    a 64-bit bus means that 64 bits of data can be moved between memory and the cpu at one time.

    a 64-bit processor means that 64-bits of data can be handled in a single instruction, making for fast computations of precise results, or processing of shifts, logical operations, etc.

    a 64-bit operating system is designed to work with a 64-bit bus and processor, so as to enable native computation and data flow on larger chunks of data.

    a net search will no doubt provide more detailed explanations. You have heard of google, right?

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