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A synthesis reaction occurs between 15.0g of gallium and 15.0g oxygen.

1- Write a balanced equation.

Ga + 02 --> Gao2 (I got this part)

2- Setup two factor labels to determine the mass of product possible considering each reactant.

Please help #2. I don't understand the question.


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    Are you sure that doesn't form Ga2O3?

    4Ga + 3O2 ==> 2Ga2O3
    mass Ga2O3 = mols Ga x (2 mols Ga2O3/4mols Ga) x molar mass Ga2O3.

    mass Ga2O3 = mols O2 x (2 mols Ga2O3/3 mols O2) x molar mass Ga2O3.

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