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#1.) A 3.0 kg computer printer is pushed across a desk at a rate of 0.6m/ s2 (towards the right). Determine the force applied to the printer

#2.) If a 0.9 kg apple falls from a tree and hits the ground with a force of 8.82 N calculate the acceleration of the apple.

#3.) Calculate the mass of the truck that has a weight equal to 19600 N on Earth.

#4.) A car's airbag will activate and increase the stopping time of a passenger time from 1.0 x 10 -2s to 3.0 x 10 -1s. If the person in the car has a mass of 70.0 kg and the car is travelling at 100km/h (approximately 28 m/s). Determine the magnitute of force that the person will exert on the airbag.

Please show how you got all your answers including the answers.

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