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I have a question is this cheating when we ask questions from our school work ? Wouldn't our on line school know we are kids are doing this ? What is an ethical homework question ? Curious..

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    Good questions.

    We often explain a math concept or problem. Seeing how one problem is worked helps students understand how to solve similar problems.

    I often post a website that answers a social studies, science or English question. Most of the time, this answer is in the text materials, but for some reason the student didn't find it or understand it there.

    You'll also note that we frequently tell students that we'll check his/her work.

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    It is cheating when you turn in work as your own, and it is not.

    We seek here to have students not ask for answers, but for explanations. If you are looking for answers to turn in, it is cheating. If you are looking for explanations, or samples, it is not. If you are looking for explanations, it is not. We sorely try to sort out answer grazers here, and I think, we do a fair job at it.

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    You guys do an excellent job helping kids.Thank you :)

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    Thanks -- and you're welcome.

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