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7. | 3x - 2 | = 8 and | x + 1 | = 1
What value of x satisfies both equations above?

please show your work. I do notunderstand this.

Thank You

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    If |x+1| = 1,
    x+1 is either 1 or -1, so
    x = 0 or -2

    Does either of those values satisfy the other equation?

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    no they don't..I thought these were easy normally - feeling confused

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    Steve is it no solution?

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    Did you try the values?

    |3x-2| = |3*0-2| = |-2| = 2

    |3x-2| = |3(-2)-2| = |-6-2| = |-8| = 8
    This is the solution.

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