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I am desperate for help with this assignment...a short chapter by chapter analysis of the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.I need to summarize the plot of each chapter, include what I found out about the characters in each chapter, list any elements of each chapter that seemed strange. and tell why I think they are there. Tell whether they could be symbols. I have to list three lines from each chapter which are important. As I was reading I should have began to discover a theme for this novel. At this point take a few sentences to speculate on a possible theme for the novel. And at this point in the novel which element of the plot do you think you are reading. (exposition, rising action, climas, falling action, or resolution) Tell why....this has to be done for each chapter. Also have to list page numbers for each chapter. I have already turned my copy of the book back in

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    If you haven't taken copious notes on this book, you'd better find a copy so that you can fulfill this assignment. Undoubtedly your local library has a copy of this book.

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