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When 4.65 g of a nonelectrolyte solute is dissolved in 475 mL of water at 27 °C, the resulting solution exerts an osmotic pressure of 931 torr.

What is the molar concentration of the solution?
How many moles of solute are in the solution?
What is the molar mass of the solute?

For the M I got .0265 M.
For moles I got .129 mols.
For molar mass I got .585 g/mol.

Can someone check this for me?

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    I obtained M = 0.04976 (too many significant figures there but you can round to the desired number.)
    pi = MRT
    (931/760) = M*(0.08206)(300)
    M = ?

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    If M = 0.498 do I times that by 475 mL converted to L to find out the mols and then times that answer by 4.65g to find the molar mass?

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    You typed the answer in wrong I think.
    M = 0.0498

    Then M = mols/L
    0.0498 = mol/0.475L and
    mol = 0.0498 x 0.475 = about0.0237

    Then mol = grams/molar mass or
    molar mass = grams/mol = 4.65/0.0237 = about 197

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