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25g of NaCl is deissolved in 100g of water. what is the concentration in percentage by mass?

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    and mol/l ?( the density of the solution is 1.15g/ml)

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    Percent by mass of the solution= mass of NaCl/total mass= 25g of NaCl/25 g of NaCl +100g of H2O


    Density =mass/volume, solve for volume

    Solve for moles

    moles of NaCl=25g of NaCl/58.44 g of NaCl/mol

    Solve for Volume

    mass/density=volume=125g of total solution/1.15g/ml=volume of total solution

    The units for volume are in mL, so multiply that by 10^-3 to convert to L.

    Molarity=moles/Liters=moles of NaCl/volume of total solution (L)

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