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describe how you would prepare 500 mL 0.250 M ethylene glycol (MW=62.07) from concentrated 31% (w/w) solution that has a density of 1.0350 g/mL

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    31% w/w means 31.0 g ethylene glycol in 100 g solution.
    mols ethylene glycol = grams/molar mass = about about 0.5 but you may need to do it more accurately.
    Use density to convert 100 g soln to volume. volume = mass/density = 100/1.0350 = about 95 mL.
    Then M = mols/L soln. Substitute and solve for M of the 31% material.
    Then use the dilution formula of
    c1v1 = c2v2 where\
    c = concn
    v = volume
    and dilute the 31% material.

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