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if a 240mg of an acid H2A required 50.0ml of 0.10M NaOH for complete neutralization, what is yhe equivalent weight of the acid? what is its molecular weight?

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    0.1M NaOH = 0.1N NaOH
    H2A + 2NaOH ==> Na2A + 2H2O

    When the problem says "complete" neutralization, that mans BOTH H atoms have been replaced.
    mL x N x m.e.w = grams.
    50.00 x 0.1N x m.e.w. = 0.240g
    solve for m.e.w = milliequivalent weight.
    Multply by 1000 to convert to equivalent weight.
    Then equivalent weight = molecular weight/replaceable Hs.
    You know equivalent weight and replaceable H atoms (2), solve for molecular weight.

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