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The president's role in foreign policy increased largely because:
A. Congress proved so inept in foreign affairs that the American people demanded a change.
B. America became more of a world power.
c. of the need to coordinate national economic policy and foreign policy, a task to which the presidency was well-suited.
D.of the desires of U.S. business to expand into Latin America & Asian, which required executive action at the highest level.

I think it's C

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    Does your textbook author favor B or C as the answer for this question?

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    B. The text says in 1945, the US emerged as a global superpower, a giant in world trade, and the recognized leader of the noncommunist world.
    C. Because of the presidents constitutional authority as a chief diplomat & military commander & the special demands of foreign policy leadership, the president not congress has taken the lead.

    Now, I think it's B

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    The National Organization of Women, the Christian Coalition, the Sierra Club, and the Club for Growth are all examples of what?

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