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Edit mMath Autobiography
Theresa V. Monteiro
MAT 095
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

My name is Theresa and I am from Norwalk Connecticut. I’ve been living here for a year now. I moved to New London Connecticut to start my life. I’ve taken care of all my immediate family and put my life on hold. So now is my time to take care of myself and pursue my career. I would describe myself as a caring person towards others, courageous, very persistent and a fighter. I always look towards improving myself for the better. These improvements would be living healthy, educating my mind and becoming the person God has intended for me to become. I have attended other colleges in the past such as Sacred Heart University and Norwalk Technical College. However, I wasn’t able to complete my degree. I had to take care of family obligations. Subsequently, I attended New England Technical School; I graduated with a Medical Assistant Certificate. I was working as MA for a while and was laid off. Employment was difficult at that time. I decided to work as a medical receptionist at the University of Bridgeport for two years. Towards the end of the two years as a medical receptionist, my son graduated with his masters in Psychology from Central University and moved to Washington State. I decided it was time for me to move on and invest in myself. So, I moved to New London Connecticut for a new beginning. Still not knowing exactly which career would be a good fit for me. I decided to attend OIC (Opportunities Industrialization Center). This is where I realized that I wanted to become a social worker, where I can help others improve their lives. I met Lisa Russ – Bucklin an Employment Counselor who was kind and full of knowledge on recourses for individuals who needed help whether it was food, shelter, transportation clothing etc.. Furthermore, I had a math teacher who taught a Financial Education Curriculum class. This is where I became interested in math. I had an understanding of banking, taxes, compound interest and mortgages, etc... The instructor applied the curriculum to the present times. In addition, I met Mrs. Gloria Dover who encourages students to continue their education at Three Rivers Community College. The help and kindness that I had received made it possible for me to carry out my dream career. My hobbies are to exercise, like Zumba and using cardio machines at the gym. I enjoy listening to soft jazz music and relaxation cds. I like action, family, drama and thriller movies as well. My favorite subject which it is a challenge is Math.

Math has always been difficult for me during childhood. My earlier experience of math was not a good one. I was in class not understanding the reasons for the solutions of the problem. I wasn’t receiving explanations for the methods that were being used. As a result, I just barely past my classes in high school and forgot everything within a short period of time. I didn’t have a solid foundation on the basics. It is essential to know the principles of math in order to progress to a higher level of math. My typical math day in high school was very frustrating. I felt the teacher was speaking in another language. I couldn’t understand anything that was coming out of his mouth. I couldn’t figure out what formulas to use on a given problem and most of all I despised word problems. I could never figure it out. I didn’t know how to. Teachers at that time really didn’t spend enough time with students and of course we didn’t have My Lab available to us. However, attending Three Rivers Community College has changed my outlook and I’m more excited than ever to do the best that I can in MA 095. Last semester I had Mrs. Hawes in MAT 075. I was able to learn and understand the concepts of the course. She had given (the class) certain math rules, which could be applied to all math problems, instead of using all different methods with the same problem. That way It‘s less confusing. I believe math has revelence in our daily lives. For instance, math is present when I shop and look for the best price on sale items. Measurement of ingredients while cooking, checking the price of gas per gallon. Math is also involved in calorie counting if on a specific diet. Having the understanding of banking, credit cards’ APR rates and interests paid can be an eye opener for consumers. A worker such as masionary, carpenters and pharmacist applies mathematics in their spectrum. A person who decides to become mathematicians is very specialized in math. Mathematicians study numbers, their relationships, changes, space and problem solving. They are involved in science, astronomy and physics. Math allows us to understand how the world evolves. Mathematics can be complicated to learn, however, having the proper learning tools can be a success.
I’ve learned by reading the examples, practicing problems and writing down each step helps me understand what I’m doing and why. Secondly, I make appointments for the Tutoring Learning Center where I can receive help when I am stuck on a problem. As a result, I receive more understanding on how to solve the problem. Working in a group is not that appealing to me. I can work better myself or with one other person. When I work with a group I find myself getting confused. I find it less stressful, when I stay organized and give myself enough time to complete my assignments. I function very well, when problems are explained to me and I can physically see it. All in all, I use all my senses, like reading, listening, practicing and asking questions. Last semester had helped me figure out what learning methods work best for me.
This semester in MAT 095, I expect to learn more extensive Algebra which is an extension of MAT 075. I’m looking forward to understand, solve and practice what is taught. As a math student, I made a commitment to embrace math instead of fearing it. The learning methods which I have grown accustomed to will guide me to be successful in math. My perseverance and hard work will make me a better student and receive a good grade of an (A or B+). A good student also needs a good instructor. In my opinion, a good instructor should always be available to the student. Secondly, the teacher should always find ways to explain to the class a problem in terms which could be understood easily. Next, the math professor should present the problem by solving it step by step on the board and assignment sheets, to avoid any confusion. Having those teaching method in place, will surely lead the student to a positive experience in any math curriculum. Math as we know it, is relevant in the world today especially in certain careers.
I am currently pursuing an associate’s degree in human services. Math skills are essential to have in order to accommodate and teach the clients in need. As a social worker, I will be teaching the clients or referring them to classes which will assist them on how to manage their money, budgeting their income and couponing to save money. Having the clients be able to understand what are interests’ rates and principle can make a big difference in the world to them. My services to the less fortunate’s is to help them get back on their feet. Offering the knowledge and math skills of everyday life, especially if they were not taught and have no understanding of numbers. Lastly, as a social worker, I would have to keep myself informed with politics and policies concerning budget cuts and allowances. Taking all this into consideration, I say math is extremely important to the profession I’m pursing. My motto is “a little knowledge goes a long way”. Having math skills is very important to me. All my bad experiences which I endured with numbers and concepts should have made me give up. Attending OIC influenced my interest in math. Enrolling as a student in Three Rivers and the accommodations of the Tutoring Lab, great direction from Mrs. Hawes and disciplines have given me a new outlook of the curriculum.

y essay please.

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    Exactly what are your instructions for this assignment?

    What have you been taught about how to organize your thoughts before starting to write any paper?

    What have you been taught about how to be concise and avoid wordiness?

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