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From the jewelry descriptions given, select the homogeneous mixture or solution.

10 carat (K) electroplated gold jewelry

24 carat (K) gold jewelry (i know this is pure gold)

18 carat (K) gold jewelry

Are these right?
CaCl2>>calcium chloride

NaF>>>sodium fluoride

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    The formulas are right.
    10K electroplated Au means there is just a thin layer of 10K gold on the surface; the remainder of the jewelry is something else. 10K means 10/24 = 5/12 Au and 14/24 = 7/12 something else.
    You're right that 24K Au is pure Au.
    18K Au is 18/24 = 9/12 Au and 6/24 = 3/12 something else.

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