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I had to interview someone in my class and write speech about them. I need help on how to start my speech. How to introduce the person. Are there any examples you can give me so I would read and then write my speech. Please help!!!!!

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    What information did you get in your interview? What impressed you the most about this person?

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    I got his date of birth and where he was born. I asked the place he have lived and places he wants to be. His favorite color, sport, food, pets, tv shows. Things that interests him, and who he wants to become when he grows up. I asked about his achievements and important things in his life.

  • Speech 09 -

    I'd start the speech with either his most outstanding achievement or the most important thing in his life.

  • Speech 09 -

    Thank you, I will post you my speech when i am done.

  • Speech 09 -

    You're welcome. :-)


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