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A cuboidal room is 1 and 1/2 as long again as it is broad.
The cost of carpeting the room at the rate of Rs.5 per m sq is Rs.480 and the cost of papering the walls with coloured paper at the rate of Rs.3 per m sq is Rs.360. Find the dimensions of the room .

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    taking d floor of d room
    l=1.5x, b=x
    A=1.5x*x=1.5xsquare.......eq 1
    4rm d price
    1sq meter will cost rs.5
    dere4 x square meter will cost rs.480
    (480*1)/5=96square meters
    area=96.......eq 2
    x^2m=64; x=8
    lenght =1.5*8=12; breadth =8
    4 d height==> rs.3........1sq meter
    den rs.360.........xsq meter
    x=120square meter
    let area= height*breadth
    dimension=12m by 8m by 15m

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