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what is this compound, it has a mf of c6h12o i. imgur. com/gCgw0Hi. png

What may be the structure from the IR and H NMR data? This question is bugging me.

  • Chemistry Dr.Bob222==> Take a Look -

    I don' remember enough about the assignments of wavelengths to be of any help with the IR and I haven't had any experience with the NMR relative to structure.

  • Chemistry Dr.Bob222==> Take a Look -

    Okay, it just bugged me. I think I solved it, but two of the peaks for protons in the H NMR spectrum weren't split like I thought they would be, and so I wasn't sure when I gave the individual a final answer after several attempts.

  • Chemistry Dr.Bob222==> Take a Look -

    "Just look at the graph," the player's agent said. "Phil's hits have doubled since last year. We are looking for a large raise and a long contract."

    Look at the graph.
    Graph: i.imgur. com/wY0gqtQ.png

    How can you redraw this graph so it appears that Phil's hits have quadrupled since last year.

    Use the same scale and make the top bar twice as thick as the bottom bar.
    Alter the scale so the top bar appears four times as long as the bottom bar.
    Both a and b.
    Neither a or b.

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